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From Our Blog…

Considerations For Purchasing Vacation Homes In NH

There are many factors to consider when selecting vacation homes. A few important ones include location, finances, and renting. The considerations for purchasing vacation homes in NH in this blog may be useful before you

Expected Interest Rate Fluctuations In 2015 – What NH Buyers Must Be Aware Of

Interest rates have gone up this year. According to many experts, it will likely rise further during 2015. This is important information for home buyers. Expected interest rate fluctuations in 2015 and what NH buyers must be

Sue Allen

Introducing Sue Allen, Lakes Region Manager

Accurate Title is pleased to announce that we have named Sue Allen as Lakes Region Manager. Sue will develop and maintain relations with Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers to deliver stress free closings. The customers

Eliminating PMI From FHA Loans

PMI is ordinarily required on loans for more than 80% loan-to-value. Most individuals who turn to FHA have little to put down and will therefore require PMI every month. The amount is calculated against the amount

Energy Tax Credit Guidance For NH Home Owners

Homeowners who make energy efficient renovations may be able to receive tax credits. Credits directly reduce the amount of tax owed and will, therefore, save money. This blog offers energy tax credit guidance for NH home

To-dos For NH Home Sellers Before Closing

Moving can be a very busy time. It is easy to miss some important items. Remember the to-dos for NH home sellers before closing below. Call Your LenderIf property taxes are lumped in your mortgage payment, this means that an