Condo Versus Single Family Properties In NH

A typical decision for first time buyers is whether to buy a condo or single family. Each provides different advantages. Buyers expectedly look at price differences between the two options, but there are added considerations to be aware of. Below are a few things to consider when deciding between

Special Assistance Programs For NH Buyers

Home purchasing assistance programs are readily available, but most people fail to use them. Most are offered to first time home buyers, but there are some that extend to any real estate consumer. If you are contemplating a property purchase, here is what you must know about special assistance

Task List For Home Buyers Before Closing | NH Home Buyers

Moving is always busy and hectic. With packing and logistics on your mind, you might easily forget a few crucial tasks. The task list for home buyers before closing in this article covers tasks you should not forget. Notify Companies of Address ChangeTo prevent mail from getting lost, do not forget

Information On Reviewing NH Inspection Reports

Property inspections may be a confusing step in the home buying process. Buyer emotions are typically high and there is a lot of information to digest. Understanding how inspections function will make it easier to handle. The following is information on reviewing NH inspection reports. What

Production Home Builders Versus Custom Home Builders In NH

With so many construction companies available, it can be confusing figuring out who does what and builds what. Starting from plot plans to designs and materials, every builder can handle things somewhat differently. There are a number of things to keep in mind regarding production home builders

Common Documents For Buying New Construction In NH

The most common form of new construction are lots offered by home builders in subdivisions. There are normally a range of layouts to pick from as well as potential upgrades. The paperwork required in new construction purchases is different than for other types of properties. This information on

Benefits Of Hiring NH Real Estate Professionals Specializing In High End Homes

If you are looking to purchase a high end property, reach out to local experts who are familiar with their market and also relate to your point of view and requirements. Working with the appropriate people will help you stay up to speed and make a knowledgeable buying decision. Below is information

Ways To Get Free Credit Score Reports

The Fair Credit Reporting Law grants you the right to get a copy of your credit reports each year. This was enacted by the FTC to permit consumers to audit their credit profile for flaws and misuse. It is useful know ways to get free credit score reports and take advantage of your legal rights. What

Considerations For Purchasing Vacation Homes In NH

There are many factors to consider when selecting vacation homes. A few important ones include location, finances, and renting. The considerations for purchasing vacation homes in NH in this blog may be useful before you begin the process. Considerations for NH Vacation Homes Home Appeal With

Energy Tax Credit Guidance For NH Home Owners

Homeowners who make energy efficient renovations may be able to receive tax credits. Credits directly reduce the amount of tax owed and will, therefore, save money. This blog offers energy tax credit guidance for NH home owners. Tax Credit Categories The Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Fuel Cell Tax