Accuracy Of Automated Home Pricing Estimates In NH

You may run into automated home pricing estimates when searching for property information online. As a home buyer or home seller, you may end up comparing the estimates to the marketing price of a house. It is important to know how they work prior to doing so. How Automated Home Prices are

5 Reasons To Avoid For Sale By Owner In NH

When it comes to selling a property, owners sometimes contemplate selling on their own. Similar to electrical repairs, accounting, and other tasks, it is possible to do it yourself but sometimes it can end up costing more because of mistakes made along the way. Technique, knowledge, and expertise

The Importance Of A Comparative Market Analysis For NH Homes

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is an evaluation compiled by a knowledgeable listing agent to determine the price range of a piece of real estate. It is different from an appraisal, which targets a exact market price at a point in time. It is crucial that sellers understand how a CMA is

To-dos For NH Home Sellers Before Closing

Moving can be a very busy time. It is easy to miss some important items. Remember the to-dos for NH home sellers before closing below. Call Your LenderIf property taxes are lumped in your mortgage payment, this means that an escrow account is being kept on your behalf. When your real estate taxes

For Sale By Owner Pricing Mishaps For NH Homeowners

Sellers normally think about marketing a home for-sale-by-owner with the primary goal of saving money. Experience has shown that it can actually cost them more in the end,... for sale by owner pricing mishaps for NH homeowners. Below are a few considerations for sellers before deciding sell by

NH Home Renovations That Increase Property Values

NH homeowners should evaluate the possible improvement in the value of their home versus the expense of specific changes prior to performing any upgrades. Some updates are more beneficial than others. The following are details on NH home renovations that increase property values. NH Home Renovations

Guidelines For Including Personal Items In Real Estate Contracts

In the real estate process, it is normal to ask that appliances be included with the home. Occasionally, people may want other personal items as well, such as rugs or equipment. Prior to adding these to real estate contracts, it is helpful to know the impact that it can have on the mortgage process.

NH Basement Finishing Tips

Finishing a basement is an excellent way to create additional living area and add to the value of a property. It is often easier than an addition. Continue reading for NH basement finishing tips. Begin With a Plan Begin with the intended use of the basement such as a professional space, exercise

The Advantages Of Marketing Properties In NH During The Holiday Months

The real estate market not only fluctuates from year to year, but also from season to season. There are common false facts about selling a home during different seasons. Below is an overview of the advantages of marketing properties in NH during the holiday months. Active Home Buyers There is not as

Pricing Techniques For Listings In NH

Pricing directly affects the time frame for selling a property and whether it will sell. Pricing is crucial at any time but is particularly important in a buyers market. The following is information on pricing techniques for listings in NH. Recognize the Real Estate Market Each local market varies.