Fannie Mae November 2013 Desktop Underwriting Release

Fannie Mae rules apply to a large percentage of mortgages. At the end of 2013, they issued a few major revisions to the desktop underwriting program (used to review many of their mortgages). The following is an overview of the Fannie Mae November 2013 desktop underwriting release. Refinancing With

HomePath Loan Program Benefits For NH Properties

Fannie Mae owned homes may include a note regarding HomePath financing. These loans are exclusively applicable to Fannie Mae homes and include a few great options. The HomePath loan program benefits for NH properties in this blog may provide you with a preliminary outline of this financing and its

Important Information On Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance For NH Loans

Mortgage insurance is generally mandated when a owner puts less than twenty percent down of the value of a property. It protects lenders against financial loss when a homeowner fail to pay a mortgage. Although it is for the benefit of the lender, it is usually billed to the homeowner as an up-front

NH Bridge Loans – Overview Of Bridge Loans

Homeowners selling and buying simulataneously may face challenges with reconciling both events, especially in competitive real estate markets. Bridge loans are an alternative for individuals experiencing this problem. The information that follows on NH bridge loans - overview of bridge loans will

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Financed Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance (MI) is a policy that protects lenders against home owners defaulting on mortgages. It is typically mandated by a lender on mortgages with a down payment of less than 20% of the purchase price and is normally payable monthly. For buyers with tight budgets, this can create a

97 Percent Conventional Mortgages In NH

There is a false perception that you cannot get a conventional loan unless you have significant funds for a down payment. Although FHA loans are common for new property purchasers with low down payments, there are other conventional loan choices with down payments as low as three percent. This blog

Definitions On Common Lending Lingo In NH

Understanding the mortgage process will be complicated, especially with all of the loan-specific terminology. Learning common lending lingo may help the process. In this blog you will find definitions on common lending lingo in NH. Common Lending Lingo Pre-approvalA pre-approval is paperwork written

NH No Closing Cost Loans Advantages And Disadvantages

No closing cost loans are typically sought after by borrowers with few money to bring to closing. The term is somewhat misleading as there are always closing costs. However, the way those costs are regained by a lender may be accomplished in different ways. The following is an overview of NH no

NH FHA 203k Financing Guidelines

FHA 203k is a loan program subsidized by the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for real estate requiring rehab. The program enables home buyers to purchase a property with the cost of repairs included. Typical financing options require that properties be in livable condition. FHA

Mortgage Approval Considerations For NH Mortgage Companies

Pre-approvals do not guarantee final loan approval. Lenders complete a thorough review before issuing an approval. This formal process does not usually start until after a property is under agreement as they must assess both the financial data of borrowers and specifics of the real estate being