There are several different things that affect property insurance premiums. It includes details of the home and on the property owner. Things that affect property insurance premiums is discussed below and may be helpful for both new and existing property owners.

Home Characteristics

Insurance companies may ask about different details on a property including construction type and the major systems. Newer buildings are typically less expensive than older homes since they include better safety features and materials. Newer electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems can minimize the risk of fire and other issues. Fire resistant materials, such as brick, will also reduce insurance premiums. Unique property upgrades, however, could result in increased insurance because it brings up the replacement cost of a home.

The geographic location of a home affects the inherent threat of forest fires, burglary, natural disasters, etc. Insurance companies will commonly estimate how close a home is to the closest fire station or hydrant. Reduced response times may reduce the severity of damage, which may lower the dollar value of respective claims. If you live in an area common to tornadoes, hurricanes, or forest fires, your insurance premiums would naturally be higher (certain conditions require add-on coverage riders).

Homeowner Characteristics

Insurance companies will evaluate some personal information as well. The first is the history of property insurance claims. In their eyes, those with past filings are more likely to submit additional claims. Thus, those with a history will be quoted a higher insurance rate. In some instances, they will even be refused coverage.

The second consideration is credit score. Often people with low scores file a greater number of claims. Insurance companies will charge higher rates to cover this risk..

Why It Is Useful to Know About Things That Affect Property Insurance Premiums

Knowing what affects insurance premiums helps you save money. When looking for a home to purchase, it is a good idea to request an estimate for a particular property. This will affect your monthly payments and can sometimes even affect whether you may afford a particular house. If you are already a homeowner, think about not starting claims on your existing policy unless the damage is high. Submitting low claims may end up hurting you more in the long run than simply covering the cost yourself. Additionally, be sure to always work on improving and or maintaining your credit standing. Doing so can help save on property insurance premiums. Things that affect property insurance premiums, as discussed in this blog, is provided only as an overview. Call your insurance representative for more in-depth facts.