Reducing energy usage in your NH home is not only beneficial to the environment but will also put money in your wallet. There are best practices that you can observe all year long. Below you will find ways to limit energy waste – NH.

Heating and Cooling

An electronic thermostat helps save money on heating and cooling. Rather than leaving your system on all day, a programmable thermostat allows you to systematically adjust the settings at different points of the day. This also stops you from forgetting to decrease the settings when you leave your house or while you are sleeping.

Heating Tips

How you manage the temperature in a property may be adapted to the type of heating system. Forced hot air heaters raise the temperature of a space very quickly, whereas hot water systems take significantly more time. If you have a forced hot air unit, drop the temperature dramatically and program it to warm back up shortly before your planned arrival time. For hot water systems, allow the system more time to return to the higher temperature.

Air Conditioning Information

Put extra thought into where you position air conditioners. For central systems, the ideal location for vents is close to the ceiling since cold air falls. For free-standing units, keep them a good distance from doorways that open often and where air can easily escape.


Electronics use energy even when they are powered off. For example, an LCD or plasma television takes around 400 watts when in use and 4 watts when idle. When you consider all of the electronics in a house, it can lead to a lot of unnecessary energy over time. Think about unplugging electronics that are not in use. To simplify this, consider plugging cords into a surge protector and turning off that protector.

Water Consumption

Water is one of the most misused resources in NH homes. As a first step, do not leave water running while brushing your teeth or washing dishes. Promptly correct plumbing leaks or running toilets. Evaluate water conservation toilets or place a filled water bottle into the tanks of current toilets to reduce the amount of water used for flushing. Low-flow faucets and shower heads can also help. These improvements will save on both water and sewer charges.

Monitoring Air Leaks

Keep doors and windows shut to retain the heat or air conditioning in your NH home. If you have doorways with two sets of doors, close one door before opening the other. This will reduce the amount of air that leaves your interior.

Light Fixtures

Take advantage of natural sunlight if possible to illuminate and warm up the inside of your home. Use solar powered exterior fixtures. Low energy use light bulbs are readily available and most are brighter and run longer than their traditional alternatives, making the upgrade an easy decision.

Ways To Limit Energy Waste – NH

Many of the ways to limit energy waste – NH above are quick fixes while others require you to be more conscious of your energy waste. Combined, they can result in some savings on your routine utility bills. Exercise energy conservation throughout the year in your NH property to see the most benefit from your efforts.