When a home owner fails to pay a loan, the bank forecloses on the real estate to sell it and fulfill the debt. The procedure is not the same in each state, but will typically take many months to process. This blog provides NH foreclosure information for first time buyers.

How Bank Auctions Work

A mortgage company normally has an auction upon foreclosing on real estate. Buying at an auction may be very risky. Buyers have no chance to access the interior of the property (it often continues to be occupied occupied until the residents are evicted). A substantial up-front deposit is necessary to participate in an auction. Because of this, real estate is may not always sell at auction. The mortgage company will instead take ownership, making it bank-owned real estate, a term that buyers may often hear in listing details.

Purchasing Bank-Owned

If the foreclosure auction is unsuccessful, the eviction process is finalized and the residence gets listed for sale. It is uncommon for any repairs to be made, so foreclosed real estate is normally sold as-is. Additionally, little information on past work is provided. Thus, there continues to be some risk. Bank-owned real estate typically sell for less for these reasons.

NH Foreclosure Information For First Time Buyers

People hoping to get great deals often inquire about foreclosed homes, but it is critical to know the disadvantages of them. Buying at auction is not an option for most buyers. Because the previous home owners could not make loan payments, they likely could not afford to complete standard maintenance on the home either. Buyers must therefore expect required repairs. Certain real estate agents specialize in assisting buyers with the process of purchasing a foreclosed property and can be a helpful resource. This article on NH foreclosure information for first time buyers was compiled by Customer Service at Accurate Title. Contact Customer at 800-639-4405 or info@accuratetitle.com with questions or for further assistance.