Wanna Close from the Beach? Thanks to RON, now you can!

What is RON?

RON stands for “Remote Online Notarization” and is available as a new closing option in NH and at Accurate Title. In February 2022, NH passed legislation allowing documents to be signed and notarized remotely using approved software that verifies identification and allows the parties to connect remotely with the closing agent and each other.

RON at Accurate Title

For the past several months, the Accurate Title team has been working hard to onboard new software and prepare for RON closings. We use a program called Pavaso along with others, as needed. We are proud to say that we have successfully completed RON closings this spring and our staff is trained and ready to go to do more!

Why Choose a RON Closing?

Remote closings are not for everyone, but do offer an excellent solution for those who may be traveling, unable to attend a closing due to illness, or otherwise need the convenience of an online closing. Provided your computer, internet, and browser meet the system requirements, RON closings work well for cash transactions, seller-side signings, and buyer-side documents (provided the lender approves). Contact your Accurate Title closing specialist to discuss whether or not a RON closing is the right solution for you.