Once your real estate closing is scheduled, it is important to make sure you have everything you will need in order for it to go smoothly.  Please review the checklist below so that you come prepared for a successful closing:

Review Key Items Before Closing:

  • Any settlement or other closing documents shared with you prior to your closing. While not all documents may be available for review prior to closing, a quick review of these important elements can help prevent a delay in your closing. Please verify the following:
    • the spelling of your name
    • how you are taking title
    • the settlement statement amounts
  • The scheduled time and location for your closing. It is important that all parties arrive on time to the closing. Please verify the specific location for your closing and allow adequate travel time to ensure that the closing stays on schedule.

What to Bring with you to Closing:

It is very important that all buyers/borrowers and/or sellers bring the following items with them to the closing:

  • Photo ID. A driver’s license or other, current (unexpired), government-issued photo identification
  • Certified, Bank Check or Wire for any Funds Due. Accurate Title requires that all funds due at closing must be in the form of a bank certified check payable to Accurate Title or a wire transfer to Accurate Title’s account. Please call 603-668-6446 for wire instructions.
  • Other Requirements, as Requested. Please review any emails or other communication you’ve received from your closing specialist for any other requirements you may be need to bring to the closing.

Accurate Title is honored to be doing your closing. We promise to do our part to make sure it’s a success. Please call us at 603-668-6446 with any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!