Home Seller Services

Congratulations on the sale of your home!

Accurate Title will be working with YOU, your BUYER and their LENDER (if applicable) to ensure that the closing proceeds professionally and in a timely manner. Please take a moment to complete the Seller’s Questionnaire and return to us as quickly as possible.

What You Need to Know as a Seller

Purchase and Sales (P&S) Agreement:

  • Accurate Title will conduct your closing according to the terms agreed upon in your Purchase and Sale (P&S) Agreement.
  • Your REALTOR is the correct person to discuss any questions you may have about any items in your contract.
  • It is best to get any contract issues resolved BEFORE getting to the closing table.

Mortgage Payoff Information

  • All existing liens on the property will be required to be paid off.
  • You will need to provide Accurate Title with the names, phone numbers and loan numbers of all existing mortgage holders.
  • This includes EQUITY LOANS and/or LINES OF CREDIT, even if at a zero balance, as they need to be paid off and closed to clear title for your new buyers.


  • The seller is required to provide a deed transferring ownership to the buyer(s).
  • Accurate Title would be happy to prepare the deed on your behalf upon your request.
  • Proposed Deeds prepared by a 3rd party will need to be reviewed by our legal department prior to closing.


  • Be prepared to provide identification at the closing table that includes your PHOTO and your SIGNATURE (ie: valid driver’s license).
  • All identification must be valid and CANNOT be EXPIRED.

Closing Funds

  • Once all parties have signed documents & we are fully funded by the buyer and/or their lender, Accurate Title will disburse proceeds to sellers by one of the following methods:
    • Check payable to the owner of record.
    • Wire transfer (wire instructions should ONLY be provided in writing at closing – DO NOT EMAIL wire instructions, if possible, to avoid any opportunities for wire fraud!).
  • If you need to bring funds to closing, it must be in the form of a BANK or CERTIFIED check payable to Accurate Title.
    • Personal checks are not legally acceptable.
    • We can also accept wired funds – please reach out to your processing team directly for secure wire instructions.


  • The buyer’s lender will give Accurate Title the “CLEAR TO CLOSE” and let us know when it is OK to schedule the closing.
  • We will then contact the BUYER, YOU and/or your REALTOR to schedule a closing date, time & location that is convenient for all parties.