New Hampshire Owners Title Insurance Details

First time buyers often ask about owners title insurance, what it covers, and whether they need it. Lenders title insurance is required with most mortgages, however, owners title insurance is normally optional. Buyers should evaluate the facts and decide for themselves on whether the expense is

A List Of Lender Closing Fees In New Hampshire

There are a variety of fees incurred when buying a property. These are often called closing costs, but there are actually different types of fees that fall into that category. This blog provides a list of lender closing fees in New Hampshire. Lender Closing Fees PointsPoints are a way for borrowers

An Overview Of New Hampshire Real Estate Transfer Taxes And Who Is Responsible For Them

When real estate is bought in New Hampshire, real estate transfer taxes (also called deed recording taxes) are due. Different from ongoing real estate property taxes, transfer taxes are owed only once when a property changes hands. It is important for home buyers and sellers to be familiar with what