Legal Team Spotlight: Valerie Riso, Esq., Title Attorney

Accurate Title is fortunate to have a strong legal team working under the direction of founder and co-owner, Attorney Jack Bielagus. The newest member, Valerie Riso, Esq., joined our legal team in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 lockdown. While surviving a pandemic along with a red hot real

NH Title Insurance for Cash Purchases

Lender's title insurance is required for home purchases with a mortgage, but owner's title insurance is always optional. When making an all-cash home purchase, NH title insurance is even more important. Here's why. Higher Equity in Cash Purchases When buying a home with cash, there's no lender

Do I really need NH title insurance?

Buyers often ask themselves, "do I really need NH title insurance?" Although lender's title insurance is required if you are obtaining a mortgage, owner's title insurance is optional. In an effort to save money, many home buyers contemplate not purchasing an owner's NH title insurance policy.

Title Searches For Southern NH Home Purchases

A title details ownership of a home. When a home is sold, the title is conveyed from one person to another. It is therefore a crucial element of a property transaction. This blog provides advice on title searches for Southern NH home purchases, what it is, and why it is significant. Title