NH FHA Loan Limits For 2016

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) updates their loan limits on a yearly basis. Buyers must keep in mind them and how they may change. For this year, in many regions, the loan limits have improved to accommodate the improving market. Below is an overview of the NH FHA loan limits for

NH Financing Specialists

Obtaining a home loan can be a stressful process given the multiple mortgage options, the paperwork required, and the review process. Getting help from local NH financing specialists can eliminate some of the difficulty. The following are details on the benefits of utilizing NH financing

Special Assistance Programs For NH Buyers

Home purchasing assistance programs are readily available, but most people fail to use them. Most are offered to first time home buyers, but there are some that extend to any real estate consumer. If you are contemplating a property purchase, here is what you must know about special assistance

Updates To FHA Loans Beginning The 15th Of September 2015 | NH FHA Loans

FHA is a popular loan program for many home buyers. Updates to FHA loans beginning the 15th of September 2015 incorporate some important updates. Here are the key details on those updates. Employment History Requirements Frequent job changes or gaps in employment status are reviewed. If you have

New Construction Mortgages Basics | NH New Construction

New construction mortgages are not typically necessary if purchasing a home owned by a builder. Builders typically finance the construction stage and enable you to close on a normal mortgage when the home is completed. Even though this makes the financing simpler, there are still a few unique

HomePath Renovation Mortgages

HomePath renovation mortgages enable people to purchase properties that require work. The cost of repairs can be added to the loan amount, making the purchase possible when it otherwise might not be. The following is an overview of HomePath renovation mortgages. Real Estate that Qualify HomePath

Expected Interest Rate Fluctuations In 2015 – What NH Buyers Must Be Aware Of

Interest rates have gone up this year. According to many experts, it will likely rise further during 2015. This is important information for home buyers. Expected interest rate fluctuations in 2015 and what NH buyers must be aware of is discussed further below. Why Expected Interest Rate

Eliminating PMI From FHA Loans

PMI is ordinarily required on loans for more than 80% loan-to-value. Most individuals who turn to FHA have little to put down and will therefore require PMI every month. The amount is calculated against the amount borrowed and might account for a significant percent of the monthly payment.

Overview Of NH HomeStyle Rehab Financing

FNMA HomeStyle financing allow borrowers to borrow money for the expense of rehab by rolling it into the loan. It may be used for a new home or to refinance an existing mortgage. It may encompass small or large work and therefore is a great option for houses requiring repair. This overview of NH

FHA Maximum Loan Amounts For NH

FHA changes their loan limits every year. If you are purchasing a home and plan to use an FHA loan, it is essential to be familiar with the applicable limits and when they can change. Here are a few important facts on FHA maximum loan amounts for NH. What Are FHA Loan Limits Loan limits reflect