Creative Social Media Home Marketing Ideas

Who knew selling your home was such a production? It seems like it involves everything from staging the perfect set design and creating a captivating screenplay to producing a seductive trailer and hoping for record results from your ‘box office’ audience! While you’re not vying for Hollywood

Seller Disclosure Requirements For NH Real Estate

When listing listings, home owners and brokers have a legal requirement to tell everything known about a residence. Many lawsuits involve people knowing that a homeowner purposely did not disclose information. Below are seller disclosure requirements for NH real estate. Danger of Failing to

Common Mistakes Made By Sellers Of NH Listings

Seller behavior may affect the success or failure of a listing. Some common mistakes made by sellers of NH listings are more damaging than others. Sellers should avoid making the mistakes discussed in this article. Common Mistakes Made By Sellers Of NH Listings Not Spending Enough Time on

NH Marketing Preparation Tasks

It is a good idea to make your real estate presentable before showings. When people visit your home, they need to visualize their belongings in the space. NH marketing preparation tasks involves several basic tasks and will result in your home selling sooner and for a higher price. Below are advice

Common NH Real Estate Myths

Real estate is one of those industries where assumptions form gradually but do not necessarily adjust as the market changes. Referring to misinformation can cost you. Avoid falling for these common NH real estate myths. Pricing Is Less Important When the Market is HotEveryone wants to get top

The Danger Of Overpricing Your NH Home For Sale

The real estate market is improving, which is wonderful news for home sellers. Buyers are less scared to purchase when they see prices going up, which results in more buyers and more competition. Unfortunately, many home sellers make the mistake of overpricing their listing, which can cause negative

NH Foreclosure Myths And Information For Homeowners

There can be some misinformation about foreclosures. It is useful for current and future home owners to know what is fact and what is fiction. This article covers NH foreclosure myths and information for homeowners. Misconceptions about Foreclosure Stop Paying to Get Help Home owners can apply for

Listing Your NH Home As-is

Real estate consumers are often familiar with the term as-is. This may be a useful term for sellers, but it is critical to understand how a buyer might react to it. Here is some important information on listing your NH home as-is. What As-Is Means As-is indicates that a home is being sold in its

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Assisted Showings For NH Real Estate Listings

Assisted showings describe when listing agents are at the property during buyer showings. Buyers and sellers, and listing and buyer agents, usually have differing opinions about this. The following is a synopsis of their perspectives and the advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for NH

NH Foreclosure Information For First Time Buyers

When a home owner fails to pay a loan, the bank forecloses on the real estate to sell it and fulfill the debt. The procedure is not the same in each state, but will typically take many months to process. This blog provides NH foreclosure information for first time buyers. How Bank Auctions Work A