Who knew selling your home was such a production? It seems like it involves everything from staging the perfect set design and creating a captivating screenplay to producing a seductive trailer and hoping for record results from your ‘box office’ audience! While you’re not vying for Hollywood blockbuster status, you are looking to attract the best buyer in the market. And these days, that means using every production skill at your disposable! Here are few social media home marketing ideas to add to your repertoire.

Mention a Pokemon Go Character in your Open House Listing

Yes, believe it or not, you might as well take advantage of the current craze! Check out the location of nearby Pokemon Gyms and Pokestops in the app and mention them in your listing so that guests can stop by before or after visiting your open house. These gyms and other hotspots are highly popular features for scoring points in the app – why not use your proximity to attract game-playing buyers!

Feature a Gaming Area in your Home

In an effort to attract young buyers, you may want to stage a gaming area. This type of room is a huge selling point for younger consumers. Take the hint from start-up companies trying to woo young employees – a gaming room has become de rigueur!

Create Short Videos Highlighting Different Features of your Home

Here’s your chance to produce your own version of a movie trailer for your home. Create a series of videos (Vines, etc) that spotlight the unique aspects of your property to help lure in potential buyers. Videos are a great way to captivate your audience with a visual teaser showcasing the personality of your place.

Start an Instagram Campaign

In addition to video, another great way to reveal the character of your home is with a gallery of images. Start adding photos highlighting the different features. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! You can even overlay text on the images to make more descriptive.

Use Memes in your Advertising

Again, why not take advantage of the current climate and use this viral trend to help sell your home. Overlaying text on images not only helps to add further description, but it can also be used to create humorous memes about your home.

Use Comedy!

Laughter is contagious…and a powerful way to reach and engage audiences. Everyone loves a good laugh! In addition to humorous memes, you can create that captivating screenplay by featuring the ways you enjoy your home in comedic form. Or take a cue from Super Bowl ads – everyone loves animals – feature your pets in funny situations around your home.

More Creative Social Media Home Marketing Ideas

So go ahead and stage your own production with these creative social media marketing ideas! Don’t be afraid to use technology and viral trends to help sell your home – have some fun with it!