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Consumer data privacy is a priority for Accurate Title. We are committed to safeguarding customer information. We work hard to maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to protect each customers' personal information.  Since 1999, the

Prevent Closing Delays in NH

Just when you think it’s a done deal and you’re ready to close on that new place, you’re faced with delays. Unfortunately, closing delays are not uncommon. The problem stems from that fact that closing requires efforts from many different parties – buyer, seller, listing agent, buyer’s agent, etc.

Closings for Home Purchases versus Refinances

Whether you are buying or refinancing a home, there is still a closing involved. How do these processes differ and is one any easier than the other? Therein lies the question. While each transaction will include similar components like paperwork, escrow, closing costs, and timing elements – let’s

Common Lender Closing Charges In New Hampshire

There are many different types of fees associated with purchasing real estate. These are typically called closing costs, but there actually include varying types of fees. This blog provides common lender closing charges in New Hampshire. Lender Closing Charges Discount FeesDiscount fees are a method

NH Home Purchase Closings

The closing (also referred to as settlement) is typically the final step in the home purchase or sale process. It is often a day of both apprehension and excitement. It is helpful to know what to expect and what may lead to delays. This blog contains an overview of NH home purchase closings for

Earnest Money Deposits For New Hampshire Property Transactions

The home buying process typically requires one or more earnest money deposits from buyers to assure sellers that they are acting in good faith. Deposits should be submitted in a certain manner in order not to interfere with the mortgage approval process. This blog includes details on earnest money

What Are Title Defects In NH

Owners title insurance can be bought when buying or refinancing a property. It only needs to be bought once by an owner and will cover title issues for the entire time that they own a home. Understanding what title issues are may help homeowners decide whether to purchase a policy. What are title

New Hampshire Closing Agent Responsibilities

A closing is a culmination of all the steps and paperwork in the home purchase process. It is the moment a purchaser receives keys and is recognized as the new owner of a piece of real estate. A closing agent manages the closing and has responsibilities prior to the closing date. This article

Definition Of Pre-paid Expenses And Escrows For New Hampshire Real Estate Closings

Closing costs typically refer to fees charged by mortgage companies and third parties. Pre-paid expenses and escrows are also included in closing settlement statements and are sometimes referred to as closing costs, but they are technically a distinct category. Definition of pre-paid expenses and

A List Of Lender Closing Fees In New Hampshire

There are a variety of fees incurred when buying a property. These are often called closing costs, but there are actually different types of fees that fall into that category. This blog provides a list of lender closing fees in New Hampshire. Lender Closing Fees PointsPoints are a way for borrowers