Just when you think it’s a done deal and you’re ready to close on that new place, you’re faced with delays. Unfortunately, closing delays are not uncommon. The problem stems from that fact that closing requires efforts from many different parties – buyer, seller, listing agent, buyer’s agent, etc. Trying to get everyone on the same page at the same time can be a challenge, as each party needs to do their part. While it may seem like a rather arduous task, there are some ways to be proactive and streamline the process. Here are a few tips on how to prevent closing delays in NH.

Respond to the Title Company ASAP

Keep an eye out in your mail for any correspondence from the title company. They are the first step in the process and are responsible for getting everything lined up for the closing. Hence, in order to set things in motion, it is imperative that you respond immediately to their request. A word of caution…pay close attention to what is delivered to your home as many have mistaken the correspondence letter for junk mail. A quick response will ensure that you don’t hold up this initial (and key) submission.

Don’t Delay Submitting Information

Make sure you are being proactive about providing all necessary documents to the various parties. Certain transactions (i.e. – payoff amounts from your mortgage company, conditions of closing, survey/ MLI – mortgage loan inspection, septic letter, etc.) may take more time than others. Be prepared to submit information in a timely manner to prevent avoidable delays. The more you can accomplish ahead of time, the smoother and quicker the process will be.

Work Closely with your Agent!

Perhaps the most vital step in the process is to work closely with your agent and understand the deadlines. Your agent can help you avoid unrealistic contract dates, guide you through real estate appraisal or title issues, understand the rules and allow time for compliance with lender documents, etc. Their familiarity with the process is your biggest asset.

More Ways to Prevent Closing Delays in NH

As you can see, everyone has a role to play in the closing process. And, as they say, knowledge is power. Being aware of what your agent and the other parties in the closing transaction should be doing provides you with a huge advantage to prevent any closing delays in NH. Communication among all parties is also key. Follow the above tips and you’ll be ahead of the game! Good luck and happy closing day!