Assisted showings describe when listing agents are at the property during buyer showings. Buyers and sellers, and listing and buyer agents, usually have differing opinions about this. The following is a synopsis of their perspectives and the advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for NH real estate listings.

Buyer and Seller Perspectives on Assisted Showings

Seller Perspectives

Home owners generally dislike having strangers look through their property but they realize it is needed to sell their property. Sellers therefore feel more comfortable having their agent attend showings. Although rare, there are situations where articles are taken from a property or a home is not secured appropriately at the end of a visit. Sellers also like the chance for their agent to share details on the easily missed characteristics of their property.

Buyer Thoughts

Some purchasers welcome the ability to ask questions of someone familiar with a property. On the other hand, some do not particularly enjoy assisted showings for a couple of reasons. Primarily, it can cause them to feel uncomfortable and inattentive. During a showing, buyers like to spend more time at homes they find attractive and spend less time at those they do not. When another party is in attendance, they feel the need to view the whole home even if it is immediately clear that they are not interested. For homes they do like, they often feel hurried so as not to take a lot of time from the seller agent or give the impression that they love the home (as it could influence their negotiating position in the future). Sometimes a seller agent initiates a great deal of conversation with a purchaser throughout a viewing, which is also a distraction. Lastly, prospective buyers cannot speak openly with each other and with their realtor when a seller agent is there.

Real Estate Professional Outlooks on Assisted Showings

Seller Agent Feelings

Seller agents do see the advantages of assisted showings. Even though a wealth of information may be included in listing documents, buyers or their agents may misinterpret or overlook critical pieces of information. Being present grants seller agents an opportunity to address those items and any worries or misconceptions. By simply being at the property, they also reduce the chance of incidents. Nevertheless, planning a time can be even more difficult. Opportunities can be missed when schedules conflict.

Buyer Agent Challenges

Buyer agents often favor unassisted showings because they are simpler to schedule and allow for open conversations with their clients. It is hard enough arranging the schedules of the showing agent, prospective buyer, and seller. When you add the seller agent, it can make it extremely difficult. This is especially true when scheduling numerous properties back-to-back

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Assisted Showings For NH Real Estate Listings

There are many advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for NH real estate listings and they can vary according to the different points of view. In the end, the choice belongs to the seller. Sellers should particularly think about the impact that it may have on the amount of purchasers that will view their home and on the experience that those individuals will have while walking through it. The locale, kind of residence, possessions, and many other factors should also be taken into consideration. Sellers should talk about this with their agent to come to an arrangement that best safeguards and benefits them in the listing and sale of their property.