NH Property Tax Year Information

The NH property tax year for cities and towns run from April 1st through March 31st of the following year. Upon selling or purchasing a property, property taxes are prorated based on the closing date. Funds may also be taken into escrow to cover upcoming tax bills. The amount required in escrow may vary depending on the closing date and when the next tax bill is due.

Property Tax Billing Cycles

Towns will bill the taxpayer in one of the following manners:

Annual Billing

Due December 1

Semi-Annual Billing

Due July 1
Estimated ½ year bill covers 4/1 thru 9/30

Due December 1
Final Bill covers 10/1 thru 3/31
Plus/Minus Tax Rate increase/decrease
Retroactive to 4/1

Quarterly Billing

Due April 1
Covers April/May/June

Due July 1
Covers July/August/September

Due October 1
Covers October/November/December

Due December 31
Covers January/February/March

Tax Bill Date and Changes

NH property tax rates are set in the Fall and are retroactive to April 1st of that same year. The bills due prior to the December Bill are estimated tax amounts based upon the prior year’s tax rate. Closings taking place during the middle of the year will have buyer-seller prorated taxes based on those estimates. For additional information on the NH property tax year and how it may impact your closing costs, contact Accurate Title at 1-800-639-4405 or by filling out the contact form below.

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