Many negotiations occur in the real estate process. It can be intricate and emotional as each person wants to feel that the result favors them, or is at least a fair give and take. This article offers advice on negotiating offers for NH real estate.

What You Should Consider Before Negotiating

Real Estate Market

The existence of a buyers versus sellers market may impact your negotiating strength. In a buyer market, home buyers have an advantage because of the abundance of alternatives. Sellers may have to be more giving in order to retain a potential buyer. In a seller market, buyers need to submit their best possible offer in order to properly compete for a desirable home.


A number of factors can influence negotiating position. For instance, personal situations such as divorce could reveal your motivation and give the other person an advantage. It is imperative to keep this information from the other party. The presentation of multiple offers can also influence who has bargaining power. Understand your position before finalizing a negotiation plan, since you may have few opportunities to alter your position later.

It Is Not Just About Price

Negotiations involve more than price. Think about all the elements of a contract such as the dates, contingencies, deposits, special requests, and mortgage terms. All of these individually and together play a role in the likelihood of successful compromise. Get information from your agent on whether your requests are fair or may get a negative reaction from the other party. Being unflexible on certain issues may hurt more than help.

The Role of Real Estate Brokers

Real estate agents can improve successful negotiations using their expertise and suggestion of alternatives. Deals can live or die based on the specifics and on the feelings of the parties involved. Real estate brokers can function as a cushion between parties and create a professional and fair negotiation process.

Advice On Negotiating Offers For NH Real Estate

The fundamentals to successful negotiations includes looking realistically at the real estate market, knowing your bargaining advantage or disadvantage, considering the full terms of the contract and their affect, and receiving guidance from a knowledgeable real estate agent. It may not be possible to get every term you want. The goal is to have a contract that all parties can live with and for everyone to feel they were given fair consideration. Hopefully the above advice on negotiating offers for NH real estate will make your future negotiations a little easier.