A typical decision for first time buyers is whether to buy a condo or single family. Each provides different advantages. Buyers expectedly look at price differences between the two options, but there are added considerations to be aware of. Below are a few things to consider when deciding between condo versus single family properties in NH.

Power to Perform Renovations

Renovation options is an important difference in condo versus single family properties in NH. With condos, there are restrictions on what you may or may not do to your property. In some condos, you may renovate the interior areas of your unit so long as it does not damage the structure. Exterior maintenance is normally maintained by the association. When it comes to single families, you only have the applicable laws to worry about.

Social Setting

Because of the vicinity to other units and the amenities, condo versus single family properties in NH can be somewhat contrasting. With condos, you are more apt to socialize with neighbors (such as in common areas). With single families, your property has more separation from neighbors, so socializing with neighbors may require more effort. It is worth noting that some single family homes within subdivisions may also provide direct interactions if they include common amenities.


Although unattached condos are sometimes available, most condos are adjoined to one another. Therefore, you typically share one or more walls as well as other areas. If independence and privacy are a requirement, then single families are the best choice.

Property Repairs

Condos are less maintenance compared to single families . This is because monthly fees usually take care of general maintenance such as lawn maintenance and exterior work. Therefore, you would not have to perform certain tasks as a condo unit owner. With single family homes, you must manage all of the maintenance, both inside and out. If you have little time for these items, then a condo may be a better choice.

Choosing Between Condo Versus Single Family Properties In NH

There actually is no single answer to condo versus single family properties in NH and which option is best. Each offers many advantages. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal lifestyle. Do you prefer to handle less maintenance? How much privacy do you need? Do you like to interact with others? How much power do you need for renovations? By reviewing these questions and understanding how it applies to condo versus single family properties in NH, you can select the most fitting option.