With custom homes, you may modify floor plan, design components, and features. Use the opportunity add interesting items. Below are some creative add-ons for custom homes in NH.

Entry Way Suggestions

A foyer introduces the design scheme for a home. You may make it more interesting by including multi-level stairs, furniture, fancy lighting, and intentional peeks into other parts of the property. Since it is also a natural progression from the interior to exterior, include storage for coats and shoes. You may weave them into the design using door patterns and colors.

Changeable Master Suite

A master bedroom is usually a critical feature in a property. For new homes, think about creating more than one master suite like a first and second floor option. This affords some added flexibility. For example, if you have small kids, you can stay on the same floor as them. As your children age, you have the ability to relocate to the lower floor for more privacy. Empty nesters might also find a lower level master a great feature. Attracting diverse buyers may improve property value.

Dramatic Spaces

Having a large and open space is great for parties and can improve the utility of a new home. An open kitchen and family room allows everyone to move back and forth and stay connected. Families with little ones may enjoy being able to view kids in the family room while working in the kitchen. The room can also include creative design elements like high ceilings, picturesque windows, unique fireplaces, and built-in bookcases.

Outdoor Cooking Space

An exterior kitchen is a great added-feature to any property. First, it is good for outdoor entertaining. It provides a gathering location and brings the meal prepping closer to the entertaining area. Additionally, it decreases the mess in the home. Lastly, it will also act as an added cooking area for large gatherings.

More Creative Add-ons For Custom Homes In NH

There are many different interesting features that you can adopt in custom homes. Talk to your builder for more ideas. Be sure to assess usefulness and resale when weighing such upgrades.