Relocating to a new community can be a stressful process. There are many factors to take into account including quality of local schools, local amenities, crime levels, tax rates and traveling to employment. Below you will find useful NH Home Buyer Relocation Information.

School Systems and NH Home Prices

The ranking of a school system is a consideration not just for families with kids but also for any individuals concerned about property prices. A high quality school system has a positive impact on real estate values, as well as property growth in value. Be sure to check out local schools in the process of your home search. Sites like also provide general information on different school districts.

NH Amenities

The convenience of recreational facilities, shopping, and other amenities are important considerations and may affect your quality of life. Sites like provide a map of entertainment venues, grocery stores, medical facilities, restaurants, and financial institutions in relation to a particular address. Be sure to develop a list of the preferred amenities and pass on that list to your real estate agent if it is a critical piece in your home selection.

Crime Rates in NH

Crime levels in a neighborhood may have an effect on home values, as well as the overall the quality of the community. Ask the local police department for information or check crime websites like Some smart phones also have apps for evaluating crime statistics.

NH Municipal Tax Rates

Property tax rates can differ greatly among communities and have a big impact on recurring housing cost. Property tax records are posted online, at municipal offices, or from a local Realtor or Mortgage Broker. When researching affordability of a city or town, be sure to calculate estimates for both loan payments and property taxes.

Travel Time to Work

Proximity to major roadways can affect both home values and commute time. A home near to highways has its pros and cons but can add to or decrease property value. Speak to a local Realtor regarding this. You may be forced to find middle ground between commuting time and real estate prices.

NH Home Buyer Relocation Information

Real estate professionals can be a valuable resource when it comes to NH home buyer relocation information. They understand the intricacies of an region, stay up to date on the local markets, and will make the home buying experience much less worrisome. For assistance with obtaining a home loan for your move to NH, contact Donna DuFour at 800-639-4405 or