With so many construction companies available, it can be confusing figuring out who does what and builds what. Starting from plot plans to designs and materials, every builder can handle things somewhat differently. There are a number of things to keep in mind regarding production home builders versus custom home builders in NH.

Definition Of Custom Builders

Although many custom builders will use land that they own, most prefer that customers own the lots. This gives you the ability to use whatever floor plan you wish. As the name implies, custom builders normally focus on unique builds. Certain custom builders may even include in-house design services. They also construct luxury, single family properties, and handle 25 projects or less per year. For individuals with healthy budgets, selecting a custom builder will provide the greatest amount of control and flexibility.

Definition Of Production Builders

Production builders commonly use standardized practices and allow less flexibility than custom builders. They normally work on land that they purchased and prefer that customers pick from a few different stock plans. However, they will provide a number of options on things such as floor materials, counter tops, kitchen cabinets and trim. Production builders handle all forms of housing, from single-family buildings to condominiums and multi-family buildings. They also span all price ranges from entry level to move-up. Lastly, they commonly build 25 homes or more in a given year. If you are someone who is budget conscious, production builders may be a more feasible option.

Production Home Builders Versus Custom Home Builders In NH

The information above on production home builders versus custom home builders in NH include only common characteristics. Many builders are hybrids. While cost is a major difference between getting some of what you want and obtaining everything that you want, you must also consider just how much input you want going into the design and building process. The ability to buy suitable land may also be a determining factor. No matter which path you choose, most builders will provide a certain amount of customization. You ultimately will want a property that best suits both your wants and your budget.