Moving is always busy and hectic. With packing and logistics on your mind, you might easily forget a few crucial tasks. The task list for home buyers before closing in this article covers tasks you should not forget.

Notify Companies of Address Change

To prevent mail from getting lost, do not forget to change your address and forward your mail. This is done through the United States Post Office either on their website or at their local branch. It is meant as a transitional solution and thus remains in place for a brief time period. Notify everyone of the change including creditors, service companies, employers, and family.

Update Vehicle Insurance

Inform your insurance company of your new address. Your premium can fluctuate as a result. If you are changing states, you will also be required to register all vehicles and obtain a new drivers license. Many states have reciprocity and do not require a test.

Register Children for School

If you have kids attending school, contact school administrative offices to ask what documentation you will need for new students. You ordinarily need records from the old school. You might also need copies of medical paperwork and confirmation of residency. Also, Registration might need to be performed at the school.

Contact Utility Services

Long ahead of closing, call utility providers to end existing accounts and set up new services. Remember electricity, oil or gas, Internet and cable, and telephone services. Many utility companies only read the meter when switching from one customer to another. But, if you fail to contact them to begin service beforehand, then it could be physically turned off and result in a fee for restarting. Therefore, it is important to call them in advance to eliminate a lapse in service and additional charges.

Additional Task List For Home Buyers Before Closing

These task list for home buyers before closing offer merely some basic to-dos. There may be more to address based on your specific scenario. For instance, if you operate a business, you should register your trade name. For guidance with your home search, contact Customer Service at Accurate Title.