Cold conditions present a whole new set of potential problems for homeowners. One problem that could be very pricy is ruptured pipes. Here are some basic ways to stop pipes from bursting during cold weather.

The Cause For Bursting Pipes

Inside pipes, freezing can develop a blockage. As water freezes, it expands. You may have witnessed this with liquids placed in the freezer. A blockage may cause elevated pressure in the line as it develops. Pipes do not always burst at the blockage point. It might occur further down the line, usually at the faucets. It might occur inside walls or even within your rooms.

Ways To Stop Pipes From Bursting During Cold Weather

Pipes are in all parts of your residence. There are different preventative measures based on the location of the pipes..

Exterior Faucets

For pipes that go to outdoors, such as ones feeding your outdoor faucets, you can shut down the water source and flush the lines. Since these may be untouched during the winter, there is no need to keep liquid in that line of pipe.

Indoor Pipes

For other areas of your home, there are other alternatives. First, look into covering the pipes with a special foam material available at a local hardware retailer. This is especially helpful for pipes in unfinished basements. Pipes within the upper levels of a home can also burst. Try to maintain a reasonable temperature in the home even when you are at work. A broken pipe will cause more repair costs than the cost of fuel.

Additional Tips for Extremely Low Temperatures

Extremely cold temperatures call for some more precautions. The first is to keep your heat set at the same temperature throughout the day and night. Second, leave the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to allow warmth to easily enter those spaces. Finally, you may leave your faucet running at a drip just a little bit. This allows any pressure to escape.

General Methods to Prevent Frozen Pipes Will Minimize Property Damage

Frozen pipes can create a big headache for homeowners, particularly when it remains unseen for many hours. It is definitely worth the cost and effort to complete tasks to reduce the chances of frozen pipes by following these ways to stop pipes from bursting during cold weather. Remember to check with your home insurance provider to determine if you are covered for issues like bursting pipes.