NH Home Renovations That Increase Property Values

NH homeowners should evaluate the possible improvement in the value of their home versus the expense of specific changes prior to performing any upgrades. Some updates are more beneficial than others. The following are details on NH home renovations that increase property values.

NH Home Renovations That Increase Property Values

Property owners usually hope to recover the full expense ofrenovations when they go to sell their home. This is an expected expectation, however it is not supported by reality. Different home improvements add different values, and that increase may vary based on location. To get a general idea on home renovations that increase property values, here are a few nationwide figures.

National Averages from a Recent Study

These figures were obtained from the Remodeling Magazine Report.

Project Expense Value Change Cost Returned
Attic Bedroom $50,148 $36,346 72.5 %
Garage Addition $57,824 $33,089 57.2 %
Bathroom Addition $40,096 $20,455 51 %
Major Kitchen Upgrade $57,494 $37,785 65.7 %
Front Door Upgrade $3,536 $1,990 56.3 %

Assessing Home Renovations That Increase Property Values

Another factor affecting the value of projects is whether it is a mid-range or up-scale project. Kitchen updates, for example, can be performed in varying price ranges leading to a different return on investment. So, not only should you think about the area of repair but also the brands and quality of materials. For a complete list of property repairs and currentNH home renovations that increase property values, visit https://www.costvsvalue.com.

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