The real estate market not only fluctuates from year to year, but also from season to season. There are common false facts about selling a home during different seasons. Below is an overview of the advantages of marketing properties in NH during the holiday months.

Active Home Buyers

There is not as much competition during the the holiday months. Buyers still need to find a property and move during the first several months of the new year, so the winter months are when they must finalize their home selection. Being one of the limited properties for sale offers you a higher chance of being selected.

Motivated Parties

A past study by showed that 79% of buyers out during the holiday months were more motivated. 61% felt that less competition for homes to be a plus. Furthermore, potential buyers have additional time to view properties during the holiday months. Home buyers that are relocating also often use the holidays to initiate their search. Thus, it is not uncommon to see listings going under contract around X-mas or Thanksgiving.

The Advantages Of Marketing Properties In NH During The Holiday Months

If you are unsure about listing your home around the holiday months, think about the opportunities you may be forgoing from buyers who absolutely need to locate a home and are seeing properties for sale. Sometimes it is more advantageous to be one of few listings than to be one of many. There may be a pricing and negotiating advantage when dealing with parties who need a property and have few options to select from. Home buyers look for homes during all seasons, but the number of listings and demand will change and impact prices.

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