Moving can be a very busy time. It is easy to miss some important items. Remember the to-dos for NH home sellers before closing below.

Call Your Lender

If property taxes are lumped in your mortgage payment, this means that an escrow account is being kept on your behalf. When your real estate taxes are due, the money is removed from that escrow account. If your closing is planned for around the same time as a real estate tax payment date, you may ask your mortgage company not to pay it. You may be charged for this same amount at closing, which would lead to a double payment. Ask the closing attorney prior to the closing. It may be a lengthy process to get a refund or you might miss the error and lose money in the process. Usually, any funds remaining in the account are refunded to you after the mortgage company receive the payoff.

Call Utility Companies

Contact your utility companies to schedule cancellation. Most must have some notice for cancellation in order to schedule a final reading of the meter. You may need to return hardware for some others. You might not get those details until you speak to them, so do not delay until the last minute.

Request Mail Forwarding

You can arrange to forward your mail with USPS in advance. This can be done in-person or on their website. Be aware that there may be two different services offered. A basic change of address requires a minimal charge (a few dollars) online. There is an upgraded service that costs much more but is not needed unless you are looking for more than just forwarding. You must still notify everyone directly of your new address. Mail forwarding services remains in place for a finite period of.

To-dos For NH Home Sellers Before Closing

The to-dos for NH home sellers before closing above includes merely some of the major ones to include. For more advice on selling a home, refer to your real estate agent. He or she will make sure that you do not miss other important tasks.