I want you to know how important Accurate’s service of providing deeds and plans is to real estate agents like myself.

I have been working with a buyer for several months trying to locate a property to meet his budget and his liking. We placed an offer on a property yesterday and included a contingency to determine if the property next door was sub-dividable. This was important as that neighboring property had 200 ft of frontage and 3/4 acre of land that was located in front yard view of the house my clients wanted to buy. If a new house could be built in that location it would change the rural character of the property.

Because you provided this plan so quickly, my client was able to review it and satisfy his concern. The result was that he removed the contingency and his offer was accepted!

Your service helps me do my job. This effects you and your colleagues as well because  my client will be using Accurate Title to handle the transaction!

So, great job to you and thank you and your company for me for providing this service. I really appreciate it!