Real estate agents are often targets of spam. This is primarily because of emails being listed on websites and other public locations. Spam emails are not only an annoyance but can also contain malicious viruses that will not only compromise your files but also the personal information of any clients within those files. Below are a few common types of spam emails targeting real estate agents.

Emails from Potential Clients

One sneaky approach used by spammers is to pretend to be a customer. They know that no agent wants to pass up on a business opportunity! These emails usually contain very vague language about being interested in homes “in your area” and noting a very high price range. The email is intended to illicit a reply from you, which verifies to them that your email is valid. They then send you another email with more details (that are still very vague). This second email will contain an attachment or link where you can “view their pre-approval letter”. That link or document is actually a virus of some sort. It may crash your system or allow them to hold your information hostage.

Property Inquiry Emails

Spammers use home sale listings to email listing agents. These emails will often express interest in the property for sale. Similar to the last example, the language will be vague and no phone number will be given. Often times, the spammer may even offer to buy the home with cash, site unseen. These are all red flags.

Reply Emails

Another trick by spammers is to make the email appear to be a reply by putting “re:” in the subject line. If you do not recognize the sender’s name and the email contains information that clearly did not originate from you, then that’s usually a sure sign of spam.

What to Do with Spam Emails Targeting Real Estate Agents

Use your common sense when it comes to any emails that you receive. Avoid clicking on links and opening attachments unless you received the message from a trusted source and were expecting to receive the information. Delete spam emails promptly and empty your deleted emails as well. This is the best way to remove them from your system.