Real Estate Agent Safety Tips – Focus on Prevention

The practice of real estate can be risky. Think about how often you meet with people that you don't know anything about. In fact, you may not even know their real names! Safety should always be on the forefront, and your safety protocols should really focus on prevention. Here are some real estate

Agent Cell Phone Security and Client Privacy

If you are a real estate agent and own a smartphone, you likely receive emails on that phone. Given the electronic nature of most real estate transactions nowadays, you probably receive quite a bit of information in either the body of messages or as attachments. Are you taking the necessary steps to

Text Messages Can Be Legally Binding in Real Estate Deals

Texting has become so common in real estate transactions. Clients text their agents, and agents text each other regarding showings and offers. What no one really thinks about are those text messages creating binding contracts. According to a recent court case, text messages can be legally binding in

Vehicle Safety Tips for Realtors ®

As a real estate agent, you've probably thought about safety. What many overlook are safety issues related to vehicles and parking during showings. Here are a few safety tips for Realtors ® to remember when it comes to parking and car safety. Where to Park Where you park your car for a showing is

Tips on Going Paperless | Tips for NH Real Estate Agents

In this age of technology, you may have thought of going paperless but have experienced certain challenges. Here are a few tools that can help you achieve the goal of going paperless. Cloud Servers There are many services out there that will sync your files across multiple devices and keep a copy

Protecting Client Privacy | NH Real Estate Agent Tips

As real estate agents, you may have access to personal information on home buyers and sellers. This may include names, birthdates, addresses, social security numbers, checking account information, investment account details, etc. You have a responsibility to keep that information secure. Here are a

Spam Emails Targeting Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are often targets of spam. This is primarily because of emails being listed on websites and other public locations. Spam emails are not only an annoyance but can also contain malicious viruses that will not only compromise your files but also the personal information of any

Showing Safety Tips for NH Realtors

Being a Realtor can be a dangerous profession. Nowadays, you often interact with customers online or via phone. You may frequently meet customers for the first time at a property. Do you truly know who your customers are? It is important to always keep safety in mind. Here are a few tips that may