As a real estate agent, you’ve probably thought about safety. What many overlook are safety issues related to vehicles and parking during showings. Here are a few safety tips for Realtors ® to remember when it comes to parking and car safety.

Where to Park

Where you park your car for a showing is extremely important. First and foremost, avoid parking in the driveway of a home. You can easily get blocked in by other vehicles, which can prevent a quick escape. Always park on the street. On dead-end streets, you may also want to park in the direction of the exit.

Sitting In Your Car Before and After Showings

After your showing, you may find yourself sitting in your car to quickly check emails or return phone calls. As professionals who spend a lot of time on the road and in appointments, it’s natural to work out of the vehicle. However, doing so is not a good idea. There have been instances of real estate agents being approached or attacked while in their vehicle. Home listings naturally attract attention. If you need to work in your vehicle, it would be best to travel to a safe location first.

Stickers and Other Vehicle Markings

Many Realtors use their vehicle as a marketing tool by placing magnets/signs on the exterior or obtaining a custom license plate. Unfortunately, this can also make you a target. Criminals know that Realtors have access to homes for sale (through specials keys or lockbox codes), often attend showings alone, and in many cases are financially well-off. If your vehicle is seen sitting outside of a property (especially a vacant one), this may attract the wrong type of attention.

More on Vehicle Safety Tips for Realtors

The above vehicle safety tips for Realtors are just a few examples of how you can stay safe when using your vehicle for showings. Read about other showing safety tips on our website and be sure to discuss safety procedures with your broker. With crimes against Realtors on the rise, it is more important than ever to focus on your personal safety as a real estate professional.